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Alliance Concrete Repair & Protection (ACRP) Pty. Ltd. was established in 2006 with combined experience of over 30 years in our specialised fields.

 With a foundation in application of commercial and industrial concrete protective coating and seamless flooring systems the ACRP business has expanded to incorporate the latest in concrete repair and protection and water stop injection technologies.

Recognised as efficient specialist technicians by our clients, we are continually enhancing our technical knowledge and application engineering skills in order to satisfy the most challenging demands and needs of our clients. 

Selected Case Histories include the following project works:


.  Western Corridor Recycled Water Project                             Brisbane International Airport

·  Aquagen Renewable Energy Kogan Creek Power Station

·  Goodmen Fielder Bakeries                             Noosa Water Purification Plant

·  Wivenhoe power Station Brisbane City Council

·  Mackay City Council Queensland Nickel Industries

·  Tarong Power Station Lihir Gold Mine

· Gold Coast Water Veolia Water


 ACRP steadfastly work towards providing cost effective solutions to every project we carefully consider and undertake. With a “no job to great or small” policy, the business undertakes projects that vary greatly. Subsequently, we have a broad client base.

Several years of experience and expertise in business management combined with a strong technical support network based in Australia and overseas, enables ACRP to provide its wide range of specialist services. We offer our advice and expertise to clients ensuring they are well informed and possess all relevant facts on proposed project work with which they can expect realistic and satisfying results.




The quality of our workmanship and specialist products utilised in undertaking our services is frequently guaranteed through a joint contractor/ manufacturer warAt ACRP we are committed to providing services that are quality guaranteed and in accordance with safe working practices. We achieve this by using supervisors and operatives that have the highest regard for risk, are responsible, have hands on experience and whose top-quality workmanship is verified. As well as site specific training (when required), our staff are certified to undertake works in confined spaces, operate elevated work platforms, test electrical equipment and operate skid steer and fork- lift equipment. Each individual takes pride in ensuring that they are familiar with the latest supplier product ranges, the advantages of one product or brand over another and their related application techniques. This enables the team to make unified, informed decisions and recommendations. 


Furthermore, ACRP operatives are trained in Senior Basic First Aid, Basic Fire Safety and General Safety Induction for the Construction Industry. Any additional health and safety aspects specific to the work site are frequently provided through onsite workplace and safety orientation programs.

ACRP has advanced to become a leading service provider in the concrete repair and protection industry. Our technical staff have extensive field experience through one-on-one technical and placement training with specialist material manufacturers and experienced associates within the industry. Our capabilities are recognised and respected amongst clients, associates and competitors alike. We offer quality assured services with the aim of ensuring client satisfaction by being cost effective, proficient and adaptable to meet client specific requirements.  


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